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Sanctband Inflatable Balance Cushion comes with 2 different surface. The spiky surface allows greater sensory function, acts as a grip and allows stabilization.

Product Name Price Qty
Gymball Orange 55cm
Gymball Lime Green 65cm
Gymball Blueberry 75cm

Sanctband Balance cushion is a small inflatable cushion / disc that adds an element of instability to a workout.

The unstable surface allows users to train core muscles groups when balancing on the cushion, providing a concentrated workout.

It is also used to regain joint stabilization (proprioception), which is the body’s awareness of its position in space.

The Sanctband balance cushion features 2 surfaces, one raised with nodules and the other smoother.

By decreasing the amount of air within the cushion, the difficulty of the cushion can be heighten, and vice versa.

More air decreases the difficulty, as the cushion is firmer and more stable, while lesser air increases the difficulty, as the cushion softer is softer and more unstable.

Sanctband balance cushion comes deflated and can be inflated easily using a normal air pump.

Color : Lime Green and Blueberry

Material : PVC

Size : 33cm

Thickness : 3mm

Weight : 1kg

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1 Review(s) for "RESISTANCE EXERCISE Gymball"
Good choice
Good brand, the quality is good... better than the old brand that I used before.
Nicole Lee
Jun 21, 2015