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Maximum strength. For areas and techniques normally difficult to tape. Red centre guide helps consistent taping. Featured edges won't roll up. 2" x 5 yards (24 rolls/case)

What is Mueller Stretch M Elastic Adhesive Tape?

High quality and offering maximum strength - Mueller's strongest elastic adhesive tape.

When can I use it?

It is commonly used by professional soccer players to tape their ankles as it provides superior strength and allows them to still wear a soccer boot. Common Conditions Ankle sprain prevention and rehabilitation Wrist sprains Knee ligament injuries Shoulder injuries.


5cm x 4.5m (2" x 5 yards). (24 rolls/Case)

How does it Work?

This tape will adhere securely to skin or can be used on top of M-Wrap foam underwrap. Its high quality manufacture means it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to the body part that is being taped. It is especially good for body parts that are normally difficult to tape. Its high strength means it is ideal to secure a tape job in order to provide maximum physical support and increase proprioceptive awareness (giving sensory feedback to the brain that helps prevent the patient 'going over' on the injured part).

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1 Review(s) for "STRETCH M TAPE PREMIUM 2""
Good product good service
I bought few rolls of this tape and is up to expectation as compare to the one I use when I was living in Aust.
Delivery was faster than I expected, that was great too.
Joe Foo
May 25, 2015